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Top Natural Remedies for Hair Emergencies

Every person wakes up with the intentions of making their hair look flawless. Most days it’s easy to get beautiful, voluminous hair. But today – it just isn’t that day for your hair. If you’re having a hair emergency, here are some quick, easy tips to help restore your hair before you walk out the […]

Top DIY Painting Jobs for Around the House

DIY projects can easily add up around the house, as you try to update your old home or freshen up a new home you have just purchased. Some projects will be more difficult than others, so it is best to start with the projects that will require less technical skill or special craftsmanship. As a […]

Balancing Your Day Job and Art

As an adult, we have certain responsibilities. We have to go to work each day to provide for our families. For some people, work is at home while others go to a 9 to 5 job. Whatever your job preference, you know that you have to complete the work to get a paycheck so your […]

Is Painting Expensive?

As a painter, I am commonly asked if it is expensive to run my painting business. Most everyone wants to know does it cost a lot to paint homes and in fact, it doesn’t! Painting is one of the least expensive options you can do to change the look of your home. You will have […]