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Selling Your Craft From Home

One way that moms can make a living from home is by selling arts and crafts. I am a mom that loves to be creative and I have used my love of art to be able to make items that I sell to help support my family. For beginners, it can be confusing to consider […]

How Artists Made Their Money A Decade Ago

The art world is constantly changing. Decades ago, one would be considered crazy if they stated a career path intention of being an artist. In the 50s and 60s, it was a bit unheard of to consider art as a career field. By the 70s, art had blossomed and artists were welcomed to create paintings […]

Common Ways Artists Go Broke

The term ‘starving artists’ is one that most people have heard and a term that can be quite true. It is hard to become a successful artist, especially if you do not have a method to your madness. Artists have to struggle to showcase their talents, most times focusing solely on art and not having […]