Five Reason Why Your Business Website Needs Video

With over 90 percent of consumers regularly accessing video content on the web, it is safe to say that video has become one of the most important marketing tools for any business owner. No matter what type of business you run, it has never been more worth it to invest in video ads, video tutorials, and video reviews for your webpage.

This transformation in information technology has been rapid, causing the failure of many businesses that have been reluctant to adapt. A lack of video content will lead to an under performing website, and in the year 2016, this means an under performing business. In order to intelligently invest in video, it’s important to understand why it is so worth it. Here are five reasons why you should consider calling a local video production team near you.

1. Staying in the game – If you’re having trouble understanding why it is so important to invest in video content, take a look at your competition. According to one study conducted by “Outbrain”, over 90% of marketing agencies who were surveyed claimed that video is the most in demand form of content. Thus, if you haven’t invested in video yet, you’re officially behind the times.

2. Online videos are trending – Business is all about creating and capturing opportunities, and opportunities tend to come in the form of trends. Just as the masses watched television in droves when it was first invented, they are now flocking to watch videos online. Online videos are a great way for the masses to digest more information while spending less energy overall. Both seeing and hearing about your product or service will help make the biggest impression possible on each webpage visitor that you attract.

3. The video & smart-phone generation – According to a Googlereport, in stream video ad completion rates exceeded 75% in 2013. Thus, video ads clearly accomplish their goal of capturing the attention of customers. This trend works in tandem with the rise of smart mobile devices that are highly capable of playing video. The reality is that a brief two-minute video will always beat having to read hundreds of words. According to “Citrix”, over a third of social media is entirely made up of video material.

4. Personality – Customers like to feel familiar with the people they do business with. Video provides the opportunity to listen to real people speak about your business, which helps potential customers trust your business more. When people trust what you say, they will naturally listen longer, pay more attention, and learn more about your product. With the help of body language and other visual cues, your ads can convey more emotion. This connection can give your website the extra mile it may need when customers are making their purchasing decisions

5. Online visibility – If you have ever worked to increase website traffic, you’ve heard the term SEO before. Search engine optimization is all about increasing the number of hits associated with your name and brand. Videos help make sure that there is always something for potential clients to click on.

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