How Artists Made Their Money A Decade Ago

The art world is constantly changing. Decades ago, one would be considered crazy if they stated a career path intention of being an artist. In the 50s and 60s, it was a bit unheard of to consider art as a career field. By the 70s, art had blossomed and artists were welcomed to create paintings and art pieces, featured in galleries around the world. By the 80s and 90s, artists used their talents to host gallery openings and were featured in homes of the rich and famous as well as magazines. It was in the 2000s that art really began to transform.

Internet Changes Art
With the influx of internet usage, art could take on a completely new form. Graphic designers became the artists of the generation 10 years ago. Graphic designers used their artistic talents to create websites, including the visual imagery, coding and more. Graphic designers took art to a whole new level and with the expansion of technology, learning the craft was easier than ever.
For myself, I was never really interested in the technological side of art work. I am always amazed at how movies can be created digitally to look superb, even realistic in nature. This is the art of graphic design. It is amazing how a person can take a keyboard and knowledge and create something from scratch. A wave of graphic designers were created a decade ago, bringing us new and exciting technology for gaming systems, websites, movies and more.

Today’s Art
Today, the focus of art seems to be more relaxed. Artists are welcomed to create something from nothing, be it raw materials or repurposing. There has been an influx of repurposing in the art world from new television shows featuring ways to repurpose homes and furniture to businesses that feature repurposed items that can be used to decorate the home.

Art will always be forever changing. There is no real definition to art, only that it is using one’s creativity. Art to you may mean something totally different to someone else. Be open minded to the art world and consider how you can use your creativity to begin a business. I enjoy creating unique pieces of art as well as painting, such as murals or for design of the home. You can use your skills to create whatever you like. There will always be an audience for any type of artwork, no matter how small.

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