The Struggle For Artistic Entrepreneurs

It seems everyone has heard the term ‘struggling artist’ and it is most certainly true. When I decided to have children, I wanted to be able to work from home. I have always enjoyed art and decided I would use my creative skills to make money in the home. Over the years, I have tried several ways to make money with my artwork, some successful and some not. It seems that the art world is always changing. What was popular yesterday is old news today.
Becoming an artist can be a constant struggle. You want to be successful creating the type of art that you enjoy but it’s just not selling. This means you have to be open to other ways of making money. Sometimes artists are stubborn and not open to other areas of work. This is when things can get complicated. Always be open to other avenues of work so you can still be creative but also make money.

Choosing a Genre
The art world is vast, with many career paths you could take. This is sometimes the hardest decision for art enthusiasts. Do you want to paint portraits? Do you like designing homes? There are many options that can allow you to remain creative and be successful. Consider what you like to do. Are you more into fashion or the actual painting aspects of art? You may find that a completely different career path is where you will be successful if you take note of your interests.

Make a list of what you enjoy doing. Simple words like painting, design, decorative pieces, can help you to determine what career path to take. Once you have ideas of what you might like to do, consider where you live. If you live in a small town, you may not have the means to offer paintings in a large gallery that will sell for tens of thousands of dollars. You have to consider what you love but also how you can make money doing so.

Stick With It
Once you make a decision on how you will use your artistic skills, stick with it. You will not be successful if you change what you are doing every week. If you choose to create unique items to sell at a store or flea market, then create these items. Market your products and stick to your plan for a certain time frame. If you find that after that time frame, say six months to a year, you have not been as successful as you like, then you can reevaluate your plan.

Failing to Market Your Work
Many artists, especially in small communities, fail to market their wares so to speak. There are many ways to showcase what you can do and you must get the word out to be successful. If you just try to sell your items you will not see as large of a profit as you would if you advertised and market your services. Make business cards and go around to local businesses showing what you offer. Create social media pages to showcase your talents with pictures and daily posts. Gain followers who will share your creations, helping you to gain new clients.
If you create a product or offer a service, use your local community to your advantage. Advertise at local fairs or festivals. Set up booths to show off your wares or have demonstrations to show just what you can do to gain clients.

You can become an artist, but it will take hard work and dedication. Think long and hard about how you can integrate your skills to the best of your ability so that you can be successful when you begin your career in the art industry.

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