Top DIY Painting Jobs for Around the House

DIY projects can easily add up around the house, as you try to update your old home or freshen up a new home you have just purchased. Some projects will be more difficult than others, so it is best to start with the projects that will require less technical skill or special craftsmanship. As a painter, I have found that painting projects are the easiest and least expensive area of the home to start with. Below are a few examples of how you can use paint with DIY projects in the home.

The most logical project involving paint in the home is the walls. To change the look and feel of a space, you can choose to paint a room a different color. If you had light walls before, consider a darker tone or a completely different color. Paint is inexpensive, around $20 to $50 a gallon, so you can easily paint a room and then repaint later on if you grow tired of the color. You can easily paint the walls yourself by simply removing all photos or decorative items from the walls and using painters tape to block off any areas you will not be painting such as trim. It takes time to prep the space, but once completed, you will be ready to paint and have a finished product that looks fantastic!

Tired of your old dresser or end tables? Why not give them a DIY treatment? With a touch of paint, you can make any old piece of furniture look new again. I love painting old furniture I own or seeking out old pieces at thrift stores that I can revamp for my home. With a little sanding, the piece is ready to paint. You can choose to paint the entire piece one color or paint patterns on the top or drawer fronts for a unique look. The options are endless and you can really use your creativity to create a unique piece.

Light Fixtures
Another area in which you can change with paint is light fixtures. Do you have old brass fixtures in your home in need of updating? Simply take down the fixture, being sure to cut the power, of course and take apart the fixture. Use spray paint for metal fixtures that will change the look, going from brass to black or even nickel. You have a few options, which can save you money by giving you a new look for your light fixture without having to update your fixture.

Repaint Trim and Doors
Over time, the trim and doors of the home can look dirty or discolored over time. To give this area of your home a fresh look, simply paint them! With a fresh white paint, in a semi-gloss or eggshell, you will give your door frames, doors and trim a fresh coat of paint and have a surface that can be easily cleaned. This will give a nicer appearance to the rooms of your home as well as give you the opportunity to clean smudges and dirt spots from these areas later on down the road.

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