Top Sites to Help Pave Your Financial Way

As an artist, you have to find new ways to be creative but also be responsible when it comes to the business side of your endeavors. You need to be sure to keep track of your financials so you can be successful and stay away from debt. As an artist myself, I have found a few sites that help me exponentially when it comes to tracking my finances and business expenses. Below are a few of my favorite examples.

With Outright, you have the option to connect all your bank accounts, savings and checking. You can track spending as well as deposits with this website. Every week, log online and fill in your spending and see as your profits soar. You can also keep track of business expenses to help you file your taxes at the end of the year. Use the recordkeeping tool to see if you’re spending too much on supplies so you can cut back on spending when needed.

Mobile Banking
It is also a good idea to see if your financial institution offers mobile banking. With mobile banking, you can pull up your account at any time. Transfer money when you need it from account to account or simply make sure you have enough funds to cover a purchase. The ease of mobile banking allows you to stay on top of all financials within your business.

You may think this is an odd choice when it comes to discussing finances but part of your finances involves how you spend your money. With RetailMeNot, I am able to see the best deals on supplies and make purchases that will save me money. I check the site regularly for deals as well as use the application when I am out shopping to see if I can get a percentage off during shopping. You would be surprised at how much money you can save online shopping as well as offline when you use RetailMeNot each and every time.

Consider the aspects of your artistic business. How can you do better financially? Will these tools be of benefit to you? The art world offers many different opportunities to earn money. Take a look at what you need for your business and determine which tools will work best to help you keep track of the financial side of your business. You will be glad at tax time that you took the extra time to invest in properly tracking your financials.

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