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November 7, 2019 Stair Railing

12 Exclusive Railings for Stairs Interior

Another modern and personal touch in handrails; metal bars that continue to the upper floors, this time, forming an integrated vertical and horizontal space, the gallery and the living room. A handrail can give the perfect opportunity to create a difference in your dwelling. In this case, the body of the handrail and the staircase, are united by an interweaving of circles of much retro air.

The design gives an transparency, while protecting. It allows materials such as aluminum or iron, Along with being feasible in wood. An exclusive Hide and Stitch design, which brings another perspective to the room and the staircase, in an environment with interesting superposition. Imagination to power for railings for stairs interior that adds dynamism to the simplicity of a staircase that is classic. Some materials that are versatile and lightweight are ideal where there is not much space. Steps attached directly to the wall and railings where the color gives the original note.

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