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April 15, 2019 Stair Ideas

Home Stair Lift: Greater Comfort and Independence!

Escalator elevator for the older or the escalator lift for increased comfort and freedom. The home stair lift is a practical and economic solution (rather than installing an elevator in your home) for individuals with mobility issues that need live living in your home with a couple of floors. The system prepares the two monitors of rubber monitors After the seat is in front of a ladder, deploys a sort of landing gear, which allow the caterpillars to begin their job, either to go down or up and increases the seat.

Very best Chair Stair Lift

The a variety of mobility problems suffered by people using wheelchairs, have made students of Electrical and Mechanics Engineering, develop the very first electric wheelchair equipped with a system of caterpillar wheels, which will permit you to go up and down stairs.

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