Spiral Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads Ideas

Making Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads

March 14, 2019 Stair Treads

How to Install Stair Tread Covers

Stair tread covers– As a path from one level of one home to another, stairs are zones. As stairs are used over time, treads or the upper area of the staircase that is stepped on often becomes worn. If your staircase shows signs of wear and tear, instead of replacing them top them with treads. False stairway treads work as a cover for existing stairway treads and give a staircase an updated look without the hassle of removing and replacing existing treads.

Sand surface of stairway treads with sandpaper. Grinding treads will remove any finish and offer a band between existing treads and treads. Vacuum stairs to remove dirt and any dust. Wipe down treads with a damp cloth to remove dirt and any dust.

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