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November 9, 2019 Stair Runners

Ideas Stair Runner Rods

Stair runner rods add a decorative touch on a stairs, but a safe stairway stairs can make you less slippery. Conversely, a stairway runner who isn’t firmly trapped poses a risk of tripping or slipping to the young children or anyone who may be unsteady on their feet. Empty your staircase runner to keep it tidy and searching for its very best shape, and periodically check any principles, tapes or other attachments are securely in place.

Stair Rods Beauty

Wash out the stairs. You don’t want the dirt trapped under the stairway corridor, and if you’re using carpet tape instead of staples or a tack strip, then the stairs have to be sterile so that the runner to stay in place. Use a mild soap and warm water to wash the stairs, then wash the stairs with water and then allow them to dry.

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