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April 8, 2019 Stair Climber

New Wheelchair Stair Climber

The progress of technology has been put to good use by incorporating new designs in wheelchairs. This assists in the mobility of a disabled in all kind of environments and conditions. The stairs are generally a hassle for the disabled and may require the use of ramps to be transported up or down the structure. If no ramps are available, then the person may have to be lifted manually up or down the stairs if there are no lifts to the structure. This might not be possible all the time; alternatively the person may have to carry a portable ramp to add entry in the structure. But this also requires assistance from any other person to set the ramp in place and remove it later on. The new wheelchair stair climber is a way to empower the disabled to maneuver up the stairs without the need or assistance from any other person.

Super-Trac – Portable Wheelchair Lift

This offers the confined person freedom to go for hikes, pleasure trips and move about in terrains or any sort of surfaces that are uneven, thus giving the person more confidence and feeling of well-being. This model resembles the power wheelchair and differs in the design of rear wheels. It has two small wheels attached in the front and four at the rear. The rear wheels have electric lift installed in them making the movement of two wheels over the other possible. This mechanism will help in overcoming any uneven surface or object like stairs. These four wheels can also be used for general purposes. Mobility on upward sloping surface or the declining surface is no tough task with the new kind of climbing wheelchairs.

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