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Remove the treads and apply adhesive footprint to the ladder. The adhesive must bond to plastic or rubber, as well as wood or metal. Carefully set the ladder rungs back into position as aligned with the marks of stage 3. Allow the adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours, or the recommended time for the adhesive used, before using the ladder.

Vinyl ladder rungs are linings that are typically glued to the top of the ladder. Installing vinyl stair tread covers provides a better grip that will minimize falls and slips. The treads will also help prolong the life of the ladder. They can be used in places that were residential or industrial. Assess the width and depth of each step on the ladder. Each staircase may be a measure that is different, so measure it carefully. Pay attention to whether the stairs have a nose or not, because if there is a nose, that the measurement should be added so that the tread is adjusted correctly. Choose the footprint of the staircase. Align rungs on the ladder so that they center, and make a mark on the edges so that the tread can be easily aligned after the adhesive has been applied.

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