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April 14, 2019 Stair Ideas

Reasons to Wide Attic Stairs

Werner Compact Attic Ladder Instructions

Employing non-wood or metal glass on your staircase can bring a few advantages: Mild, the hallway is often the darkest aspect of the house, which is not perfect for making a excellent first impression on visitors. The conventional staircase ladder, consisting of handrails and the base rails connected with wood or metal spindles (also called balustrades), will give rise to darkness by blocking precious natural light. The room will be directly brightened by Utilizing a glass panel as a filler banister by pushing the light to flow more freely.

It’s not hard to see why wide attic stairs, especially the glossy side panel, has become very popular lately. As new home builds seem to be getting smaller and smaller, and price increases force many buyers to settle with simple properties, homeowners find creative ways to capitalize on the space they have.

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