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April 9, 2019 Attic Stair

Retractable Attic Stairs Be Installed Correctly to Be Safe

Often nuts that hold the ladder hinge, screws, and hardware are lost or loose. All fasteners should be installed and everything should be tight so as to avoid danger. Missing bolts or nuts should be replaced to avoid serious injury. The attic ladder is cut too short so that the bottom of the stairs is different not to touch the floor. This condition is unsafe and can result in severe injury.

Retractable Attic Stairs– Defects and problems are often observed from the attic pull down stairs of installation. One common installation defect is that members of structures such as rolls or floor beams are cut to accommodate the stairs. Members of the attic floor structure should not be removed, coated or cut without proper reinforcements installed. Most of the attic stairs are designed to fit between the floor blocks but when the floor beams need to be cut, professional evaluations should be made to strengthen the floor structure.

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