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Stair Tread Kit Ideas

Measure and cut the riser for the desired use of 16-foot steel tape measure and round saw length. The riser is fixed vertically on the strings and below the step. Set stairs to strings using three 2 1/2 inch trim head trimmed screws on each side. Be certain the riser is in vertical position before fastening with screws. Continue this procedure for all risers.

Stair tread kit – stair provide access to entrance hall, rooms, sheds and deck in a home. Building stairs can be a challenge, if you have the necessary tools and materials but it is a relatively simple procedure. There are three basic components in a set of stairs: strings, steps or treads and riser pipes. Stringers are the basic foundation of stairs, consisting of slanted logs carved in them to support the steps and risers. Steps form the upper surfaces of the staircase, and risers are installed directly under the front lip of each tread to deliver a finished look. When you have strings intact, you can install steps and risers with moderate ease.

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