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March 7, 2020 Stair Runners

Stair Tread Runners Decor

Stair tread runners – The staircase is an integral part of your home, giving you access to different levels of living space. They are also often overlooked areas that just scream for a personal touch and a bit of decorating style. Create a bold statement with your staircase and not simply push it in the background. From carpet to carpet, the staircase is suitable for a wide selection of possibilities. Your staircase can become a focal point for a room or foyer and not just a way to get from first floor to second floor.

Perhaps the easiest and most versatile idea for decoration is a stairway tread using paint. Any technique you may use when painting walls will work on the stairs. Create a marbled look by painting a faux finish on the stairs step or making a permanent runner by blocking the section center stairway tread and riser and painting area a different color than the rest. Interest that is added, look at painting each step a different color. Whatever your imagination can dream about can be done with a little paint.

Modern Carpet Stair Treads

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