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August 9, 2019 Sculpture Art

The Amazing of Pepsi Co Sculpture Garden

Pepsi Co Sculpture Garden – The beverage trademark used their property to be the nice garden and fill with art and sculpture, and that garden named or called Pepsi Co garden and now really know is Pepsi co sculpture garden or in the line of public name called Pepsico sculpture garden, in there you can see some of nice and beautiful sculpture to decorate the Pepsi co garden was made from several talented local artists, who change that Pepsi co garden into the art garden and the most beautiful garden in that town, so maybe some of you people doesn’t know exactly where the Pepsi co garden, you can check from internet maps to find Pepsi co garden map and Pepsi co garden address and Pepsi co garden in New York address, also you may like several example from Donald M Kendall who was sculpted some sculpture inside the garden, also to see what his do with the art of sculpture and turn into that Pepsi property became the most beautiful garden of sculpture from Donald M Kendall Pepsi co garden sculpture or Kendall sculpture in garden of Pepsi co, it was quiet beautiful piece of art and not just grass and flowers you can see in that Pepsi co garden, now fill with the beautiful and nice sculpture.

Wonderful Pepsico Sculpture Garden

Unfortunately some of part the Pepsi co garden being repair or renovation and that case make the Pepsi co garden temporary close for public, not all that garden are being renovation, only the part of west garden and soon will be opening for public again and you will see some of best changes from other part after renovation of that Pepsi co garden sculpture, and if you have time and living around New York city, you can come and visiting that beautiful of Pepsi co garden sculpture to see some of nice and beautiful sculpture art and also that place is the best for do relax and clear your mind, so have a nice day and see you in other topic.

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