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February 7, 2020 Stair Railing

Wooden and Metal Stair Railing Ideas

Designing the right railings for stairs in your home is important for interior design aesthetics as well as safety when using stairs. Most of the stair railing matches material the color and style of the stairs. But some go a bit more out of the box and still work. There are a variety of handrails that can be installed, depending on what type of stairs that will be attached to them. With wooden stairs, a wooden railing made of a similar color or type of wood is popular.

Oak is a popular choice of wood as it is sturdy and helps to hold the balustrade, the upright spindles or slats, of the staircase. The stair railing parts should be strong enough to support an adult man putting his weight on it. It should also be thick enough for someone to just wrap their hand over the top. The balustrade can be thick or thin pieces of wood, depending on the look you want. However, more will be needed to support the rail will be meant by the pieces that are thinner.

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