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March 16, 2020 Stair Runners

Wooden Stair Rods for Runners

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Find a stair rod sets for runners material that complements your decor and matches the wood finishing of your staircase. Consider darker colors because dirt is not revealed by them as light as lighter colors. Installation of a stair runner is quite straightforward for a single staircase provided the staircase is not circular. Once you have your stair runner in place, consider your options for installing stair rods.

Secure your stair rods for runners from the staircase with a simple wooden “staircase”. I added a runners carpet to the staircase and wished to secure it in place with the decorative metal stair rods. I quickly found that metal ladder bars come in two classes; Cheap and cheap looking or expensive, up to $50 a step. During my research (Google images) I found a couple of examples of wooden ladder bars and decided to make my own. For fasteners, I wanted so I distressed bolts to create an antique world effect, a classic look without exposed screws heads.

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